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Up and coming artist, @joseki, approached Ponderware with unique art and a vision for his CondoMini project.

He wanted to create a customizable NFT where those that minted would receive a Neighborhood containing five Condos. Those Neighborhoods could then be unbundled into single Condos, mixed and matched, then bundled back into unique Neighborhoods.

Ponderware provided smart contract development, community management consultation, and project management/social media strategy. The Ponderware team created and deployed three smart contracts on the Ethereum network for the project: an ERC-721 contract, an ERC-1155 contract, and a metadata contract.

CondoMini sold out within hours of the mint opening up to the public, was featured on Coinbase NFT on their new Drops platform, and took a spot in the top 10 trending projects on OpenSea.


Smart Contracts:




Project Links:

CondoMini Website

CondoMini Twitter

OpenSea Collection

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